Friday, December 14, 2012

Fleece Hat, Scarf, Mittens Tutorial - Easy!

Today I'm going to teach you how to make a super cute fleece set: no-sew hat, easy-sew scarf, and easy-sew mittens. Perfect for these cold winter days.

What you will need (this is the same for a child or an adult):
Hat: 1/2 yard of fleece
Scarf: 1/3 yard of fleece
Mittens: approx. 1/4 yard of fleece. This can easily be made from scraps. You will need 4 pieces that are a few inches larger than the recipient's hand.

Note: On these projects, we are cutting two layers of fleece, and then we are tying the top and bottom pieces together. When cutting the fringe, you will get the best results if you hold the two pieces of fabric together and cut both layers at once. This makes it so they will line up nicely when you eventually tie them together. Also, try not to stretch the fleece as you cut or sew it.


This hat has knots all up the back of it, and a cute pom-pom on top! No sewing involved.

Step 1. Measure the recipient's head circumference, and add 6 inches. We will call this "your length". Cut a piece of fleece to be 14" wide , and "your length" long.
For example, if the head circumference is 20", the piece of fleece will be cut to be 14" x 26".
Step 2. Fold the fabric in half so the height is 14" and the fold is on the left.

Step 3. The bottom edges are raw, they will stay this way. Starting at the bottom right-hand corner, cut fringe up the side of the hat. The fringe should be about 3" long and 1/2 inch wide. Stop when you get 3" from the top. Cut a 3" square out of the corner.

Step 4. Cut 3" fringe along the top of the hat.

Step 5. Starting at the bottom right-hand corner, tie each pair of fringe together (top layer to bottom layer). Tie it twice so it's in a knot. Make the knot firm, but not super tight. Work your way up the side of the hat. Stop at the top.

 Step 6. Now gather all of the top fringe in one hand, leaving the right-most pair out.  Use the right-most pair to tie a knot around the fringe you just gathered.

Step 7. Fold the bottom of the hat up twice to make a cuff.


This two-layered scarf is sewn together on each side, with fringe tied together on the ends. Very easy and cozy!
Step 1. Cut two 6" strips of fleece. They will be about 60" long.
Step 2. Cut the selvage edge off both ends of each piece.
Step 3. Lay out the two pieces, wrong sides together. If the pieces don't line up exactly, you can trim at this point.
Step 4. Pin the two pieces of fleece together. Place a pin 6" from each end. This will be your sewing starting/stopping points. Pin in a few more places. This will make sewing a lot easier, as it will keep the fleece from stretching.

Step 5. Sew a line along both long sides of the scarf, starting 6" from the end. You can use a long straight stitch for this.

Step 6. Cut fringe on each end of the scarf. The fringe should be approximately 6" long and 1/2 inch wide. Tie the fringe into knots, tying the top piece to the bottom piece.





Step 1. Place the recipient's hand on the wrong side of the fleece (or a piece of paper if you want to make a template). Use a marker to trace around their hand, leaving approximately 1.5" of space around the hand. Make sure the fingers are together comfortably, and the thumb is extended. Cut this piece out.

Step 2. Use this first piece as a template to cut out 3 more pieces. Make sure you cut the fleece so you end up with the front and back for both mittens.

Step 3. Lay the mittens right-side together to prepare for sewing. Use a tight zig-zag stitch. Stitch close to the edge. When you sew the curve between the thumb and fingers, try and stretch the fabric a bit to make this a nice curve.

Step 4. Fold the wrist raw edge up and sew across to make a nice hem at the wrist.
Step 5. Turn right-side out.

Now that I made a set for my daughter, my son wants some!

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  1. If someone wants to use this patten on Friday the fifth of Dec come by for mitten making we will be doing it throughout the day, and we will be marketing them at the farmers market at the Arboretum in Augusta.


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