Monday, March 8, 2010

Saving an Ink-Stained Shirt

My daughter has this cute pink shirt that somehow got stained with ink. ha ha.

The shirt is fairly new, so I decided to cover the stains with appliques. It was such a fun and easy project.

Materials needed:

Step 1: Cut out paper hearts and decide where you want to place them on the shirt. Tip: It's a good idea to take a picture, so you can refer back to it later when you are ready to place the fabric hearts on the shirt.

Step 2: Following the Pellon instructions, iron the Wonder Under to the backside of your scrap fabric.
Step 3: Trace the hearts onto the back (paper side) of the Wonder Under. Cut out the hearts.

Step 4: Carefully peel the paper off the back.
Step 5: Place the hearts on the shirt, referring to the digital picture you took earlier. Follow the Pellon instructions and iron the hearts onto the shirt.
Step 6: Stitch around the border of the appliques. I used machine stitching, because I'm really bad at hand-stitching.

The finished product:

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