Monday, January 3, 2011

Stacking Circles Fabric Flower Tutorial

I made this cute skirt the other day. I used the Pink Fig Stripwork Skirt pattern and fabrics from the Riley Blake Sublime and Rainy Days collections. When it was done, I decided it needed a fabric flower. So I added one!

Stacking Circles Fabric Flower Tutorial:
You will need: thread, needle, button, and 4 fabric circles. I free-handed the circles. They don't need to be perfect. Each circle should get progressively smaller so you can see all of them when you stack them.
Step 1: Take one of the circles. Fold it in half (right sides together), and fold it in half again. It will now be a 1/4 circle.
Step 2: Stitch a line (a few stitches) just above the tip of the 1/4 circle. This will make the circle pucker when opened.
This is what the circles will look like when opened.
Step 3: Stack the circles. Sitch one stitch through the middle to hold it all together.
Step 4: Now stitch the button onto the flower. You're done! The edges aren't finished, so they will fray naturally.
These flowers can be added to clothing, home decor (pillows would be really fun), hair accessories...
Have fun with them! I'd love to see your Stacked Circle Fabric Flowers.

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  1. Oh my goodness you are amazing. I love all the skirts and cute quilts you have been making. I need to make my girls a ruffle shirt. I have been promising to long. You give me hope. Kaisa


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