Thursday, September 23, 2010

Remake a long jean skirt into a pom-pom trimmed ruffle mini

My daughter had a long jean skirt that I decided to remake into a shorter skirt with ruffle and pom pom trim. I love the way it turned out!

Here are the basic steps:
Cut the skirt to the length you want (remember that the ruffle will add length to the skirt as well).
Cut the discarded portion of the skirt into strips.
Sew the strips together to get one long strip.
Ruffle the strip of denim.
Place the ruffle on the bottom of the skirt and sew it on.
Sew on the pom pom trim.
Tip: Zig zag stitch all seams to minimize fringe. When you wash the skirt, it will still fringe a bit. Just snip off the long threads.

I had a really hard time deciding which trim to use on this skirt. There are many different styles of pom poms and ric rac to choose from. Also, The Dizzy Daizy has beautiful ribbon that would be great for this project. The brand new crochet flowers by Riley Blake would be cute on this skirt as well!

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