Friday, October 26, 2012

Pattern Review: Izzy & Ivy Addie Jo Skirt

This could be the easiest, fastest little twirly skirt I've ever made!

I decided to test the Izzy and Ivy Addie Jo skirt pattern.

This pattern has 5 different options.  I tried 3 of them: the middle view with the big bow in the back, the far left view showing 2 layers, and the far right view, which is just a single layer of fabric.

Each of the 3 options took about 1/2 hour to complete.  Now seriously, how can you beat that? 

Skirt #1 is the basic skirt on the far right of the pattern.
We're talking a waistband piece, a skirt piece and elastic.  Super easy!  My daughter wanted this for church, but loves it so much, she has been wearing it every day for play.  I LOVE how the Ombre Dots are darker at the hem and then fade as they reach the waist.

Fabric: Riley Blake Designs Ombre Dots

Skirt #2 has two skirt layers.  Because these are sewn to the waistband at the same time, this option didn't take any additional time to make.  I did decide to hand pleat the skirt rather than use gathers.  This is something I choose to do once in awhile to save time and because I really don't like making gathers!

Fabrics: Top layer is Michael Miller Spa Scallop

Skirt #3 features the big bow in the back.  This skirt is essentially made in the same manner as both skirts 1 & 2, except that the bow is sewn into the side seams.

Fabric:  Riley Blake Designs Hot Pink Ombre Dot

So that's the scoop!  I give this pattern an easy 2 thumbs up.  You get instant gratification with a quick, easy project and it's so darn cute, the lucky recipient will absolutely LOVE it! 

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