Friday, November 9, 2012

What to Give Baby #4?

My brother and his wife recently welcomed baby #4 to their family - a beautiful baby boy!  The question for me became "what do I give when they're already stocked with clothes, blankets and all other baby fixins"? 

That's when a came across a tutorial for this adorable little owl.  Bingo!  

However, I couldn't send this little guy off alone.

So I found a tutorial for this cute little pair of matching shoes to go with it!

Baby Lucas has siblings who are crazy about super heroes, so I used Michael Miller's Zap fabric for the top of the shoes and for the back of this cute little owl.

I varied from the original owl tutorial just a little by adding three layers to the eyes instead of two.  I also left out the little felt feet because I thought they would get worn out too quickly.  And lastly, I sewed up a small muslin pouch filled with rice and lavender, and inserted it into the base of the owl to give him weight and to add a nice, soothing scent.

And this was only the beginning....

I couldn't just sew up one pair of those adorable little shoes, especially when they make such good use of all those little scraps I can't throw away....

Ahhhh!  So darn cute!  If I didn't have more pressing projects to be working on, I might have gone on sewing these little guys forever!
Be sure to check out these fabulous tutorials and thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers out there who generously share their talents with complete strangers.  Gracias!

Baby Shoes Tutorial by Joanna at Stardust Shoes

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