Friday, March 27, 2009

Intro to My Obsession

It all started with a plastic tote full of fabric. I had a rule: I could not have more than one tote full of fabric. If the tote got full, I had to make something out of the fabric before I could buy more. I guess the "I must have that fabric!" part of my brain didn't listen to the rule that the "responsible" part of my brain had declared. Once my stash exceeded one tote-full, I had to come up with a "responsible" course of action. Thus the online fabric store was born. It really is the perfect setup for me. I get to buy the fabric, knowing it will end up with one of my customers who will make it into something beautiful.

I am amazed by the creativity and talent that is out there. I want to use this blog to collect ideas and tutorials for the projects that I hope to get to someday. And maybe I'm secretly hoping that I will pass my fabric obsession on to you!

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