Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not Your Average Polka Dot Dress!

This dress... not your average polka dot dress...

It is made with Riley Blake Designs Hot Pink Ombre Dot fabric.  LOVE!  Ombre is a French word meaning "shadow" or "shade."  Notice in this dress how the dots are very saturated in the center and then fade out to a lighter shade at the edges.  This is the ombre effect.  I mentioned in a previous post my newly rekindled love for all things Navy Blue.  Here I made a navy blue piped trim to contrast with this gorgeous, youthful pink ombre dot.  

I also added piping to the front sides and waistline to really give the garment substance, structure and POP!

For this dress I used a vintage Simplicity 3811, circa 1950.
The tricky part when working with separate front, side bodice, and skirt pieces, while using a fabric that fades in and out like this was making sure to allow for the seam allowance on the skirt and bodice so that the fading/shading matched up just right with the center front piece.  It was important to match up the shading on the sleeves as well.

Ooookayyy, It seems our little model is done now - silly girl!  What do you think?  Now I'm thinking how cute this dress would be in orange...or aqua...or green...all paired up with navy blue trim, of course!

My shop is well stocked with this lovely ombre, so pop on over!

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