Friday, March 29, 2013

Cotton Ribbon

What to do with Cotton Ribbon?

Have you seen cotton ribbon (also called cotton tape) floating around Etsy and Pinterest and found yourself scratching your head, wondering what it could possibly be used for?

Riley Blake Designs recently added a selection of cotton ribbon to the Sew Together product line and I just had to get some for my shop.  Aren't the cars just way too cute?  And I'm LOVING these little hexis and  measuring tape ribbon!
Unlike traditional polyester ribbon, cotton ribbon is not stiff, but extremely soft, flexible and easy to work with.

Recently I sewed up these little shirts for RBD using fabric from their upcoming Hipster collection.  I used the gray car ribbon as a decorative facing on the shirt collar.  I always like seeing a little hidden decorative element on the inside of a garment.  It just gives the feeling that a little extra care was put into it.  I also cut out one of the cars and used it as a little label on the front pocket.  Super cute!
Here are some cotton ribbon sightings that might get your creative wheels turning:

More ideas to embellish:
child's backpack


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  1. Great! I like reading your post. Why not get Satin Ribbon for your project?


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